Get together update :)

So today is when I'm hosting a wonderous potluck at my place. Currently invited are many wonderful people.
Information of course is still found in previous posts, especially: …. but anywho…
I wanted to update with a partial list of whomever had told me that they would either likely be there or for certain be there. I still want RSVPs from a bunch of people… and hopefully an idea of what they'll bring (as much as I love *real* ultimate potlucks… this isn't one).
Anyway with first names only (and yes, I know enough people with each of these first names that this probably doesn't actually tell you all that much) [also the number of question marks denotes how tentative their coming is…]:

Shauna (likely bringing homemade mac 'n cheese… mmmm!)
Shelly? (arriving late)
Greg (bringing beverages of some sort)
Colin? (arriving late)

Oh and evidently I'll be there too! 😉 As will a bundle of good ice cream… and a chicken dish that I'll make.

I plan on updating this post with the most recent data frequently.