Napoleon Dynamite, Ice Cream and Roommates!

I went and saw Napoleon Dynamite today. GREAT movie (and it's even awesomer since we have at least one Napoleon Dynamite in our group now… gotta love good nicknames like that one)! Gotta love how I just know people like all of those people in the movie. I especially liked Deb… and WHOA! That's the same actress who played Alice in the tv live action version of Alice and Wonderland that I own on DVD. Weird! 🙂 But yeah… great movie! Awesome dance moves… good family relations… AWESOME Grandmother! 😉 Gotta love the stuff that happened AFTER the credits too!! (I'm just Oh so descriptive tonight)

Then we went to The Marble Slab Creamery on Whyte Ave. Never been there before until now. TOTALLY worth it (although, I must say, I GOTTA start ordering smaller portions 'cause it would be a) better for my pocket book, and b) I simply am WAY too full (not that it wasn't yummy… but WHOA! 😉 Definitely returning there at a later date!!

And on the topic of roommates… while the current one is continuing to move out, my list of back up roommates increases. Too bad I only have room for one person asides from myself (for the most part) and well that's pretty much sorted out for the time being! Maybe these people should get together and find a place that way? 🙂

In any case, I ought to worry less about THAT particular situation, given that I'm positive that it will all work out at this stage in the game (great stage to be in!)
and so off to bed with me (soon anyway? Before 1AM?) 'cause I have work at 7AM (yay for morning shifts), followed by a skit/dance rehearsal (Napoleon Dynamite anyone 😉 ) and of course the big logistics meeting for Orientation… Now if only I could figure out a main course item idea that didn't require anything more than microwaving… given that there's NO time to cook anymore! *ack!* (wishes that she had to bring dessert instead. Last year dessert was easy!)

This time next week, I'll have started classes for the fall semester! YAY for that!!