Yesterday was a good day!

So, thanks to Kim and Jackie, yesterday was a good day! 🙂
I spent 8 hours hanging out with Kim (celebrating our birthdays, sort of anyway). It was fun! 🙂 We went out to Gabbana for the first time (GREAT FOOD!). They have a new deal where it's $5 for lunch and $10 for supper on Mondays and Tuesdays now, so that's cool! 🙂 Then we spent some time shopping randomly, shoes and clothes mostly. I bought a 54 cent skirt (including tax!) at Dots. Note: Dots is having a great sale before they change buildings 'cause their current building is slated to be knocked down. We also spent some time at Second Cup (yay for Italian Soda!).

Later I hung out at Naked (Cyber Cafe) with Jackie, followed by catching a show at the Sidetrack with her and a couple others. The first two bands were AMAZING! We left during the third 'cause it wasn't anything special. Also there was an all you can eat buffet included in the cover charge ($5), so I was all cool with that. Surprisingly, one of the kabobs tasted and smelled just like the meat that is grilled at the Night Markets in Taiwan. Strange that! 🙂

So it's September now. Gosh, how time has flown!