Okay: Worst Exam Yet…. and it hasn't sunk in yet.

So guess what? I'm posting again! *chortles merrily*

This time, I'm going to talk about the horrible class I took this semester: Advanced Perception (Psyco 365).

I'm not going to lie to you. YES I slept through this class often. Really often… In fact, I can remember a total of 4 or so classes that I for sure stayed completely awake and alert throughout (topics: time perception, pain perception, touch etc…. the GOOD topics… which we frankly spent far too little time on). But it wasn't as if I slept because I wanted to: I was either purely sleep deprived or bored out of my mind (or a combination thereof… probably the combination option)… really… the prof was decent last semester but this semester (this class) he really bored me outa my mind. So that's where I stood with the class. It wasn't overly hard… just tedious, and rather like I wasn't learning anything new (the Perception class [the prerequisite] covers mostly the same stuff with less of the boring annoying material). But since I'm an auditory learner… when it came time to study… things didn't sink in so well as they should have.

Thank the lucky stars I determined the night before that all I needed was a 10% to pass with 40% in the class (a D)… 'cause when I got the exam and looked at the essay questions, I realized I could do NONE of them satisfactorily, I was ready to panic and leave (I didn't… needed that 10%). So I write that 55 mark thing (30 marks are for that essay) worth 45% of my final grade (uck!) and hope for the best. It's never a good sign when my 3-5page essay is 2pages long. But hopefully I'll have done okay.

It didn't help that 30 minutes into that 2hr exam I got a killer stomach ache. Probably 'cause I'd eaten only a bowl of cereal and 4 vegetarian samosas today up to that point, and was likely a tad hungry or something of that sort, but really it was annoying. So I left after an hour and fifteeen minutes after having answered as much as possible (and before starting to really bullshit my way through contradicting my earlier answers)…

And that just felt bad. Really bad. At least it's not my last exam of this degree. That'll be Wednesday.