Procrastinating studying — AGAIN!

So I'm procrastinating studying. Why? (I'll be irrational and tell the truth) I'm frickin' scared (excuse the language *rolls eyes*). This is the class I SLEEP through 'cause it's so darnned borring. I try studying (and I have… in my moments of clarity and non-sickness this week… as few as they have been), and the facts don't sink in. In fact, I often fall asleep. Perhaps the shut-eye helps (and I'm sure that it does) but really! Anyhow, I'm finally feeling half healthy today (unlike my co-worker today, I actually had a voice… yesterday I felt like I was trying to yell when really I knew that the volume of my voice was closer to that of a soft talking voice… and I wasn't sniffing as much… and I slept through the night which was cool)… but I don't think it's going to help me re-learn this junk really. So I'm *insert forboding music here* DOOMED! *sighs*

What have I determined this week? Firstly, that I know damned well (excuse the language again… whatever) that I don't spend enough time cultivating my relationships with my friends. I'm sure that the people I really hold dear to my heart don't necessarily know it if I rarely if ever hear from them, or spend time with them etc. Sure I'm good at hobbiting myself, but sheesh! Since I value relationships with people above many many other things… I ought to spend more time with these friends. Apologies to all.

Secondly, that I'm pretty *insert appropriate adjective here* pleased that I purchased the specific CDs that I did from the bookstore sale. Sure 5 were Classical (hypothetically for study purposes), and 4 were Christmas (which hopefully I won't listen to for a good long while)… but I'm SO pleased with the other 8 CDs… 4 were compilations including some of my FAVE songs… and then I picked up a few random others (Celine Dion in french [my teacher hooked me in 7-8th grades I think], The Byrds (another album… great band, really!), a Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship compilation of hits, and the third Classic Disney album [I just HAD to have 'Once Upon a Dream' from Sleeping Beauty])

Thirdly, that my 'sound mode' settings on my stereo rock! I mean WOW! 🙂 It makes such a small but worthwhile difference when I want it.

Fourthly, I like the really pathetic TV show: Extreme Makeovers Home Edition. Yep. I do. I'll admit it. I don't get the channels that show Trading Spaces and whatnot, so I watch this instead. Wierd…. maybe it's just me being a vegetable and sick… but whatever

Fifthly, I spend a rather lot of my time on LJ.

Sixthly, Cheemo perogies make a mediocre breakfast… much better for midnight snacks covered in toppings such as maple syrup (feel free to comment!)

Seventhly, I'm really liking my LAZY cooking these days… REALLY! I've got to learn me how to do something else with food I think… and my experimenting really isn't getting me anywheres (I mean think of the looks I get when people learn about my GOOD experiments (maple syrup perogies, peanut butter and strawberry sandwiches, etc.) you can easily imagine the 'Ali's kitchen gone wrong masterpieces'.

Eighthly, I still have a ton of doubles of photos to give to people. Like usual they'll probably sit around for ages until they migrate into the appropriate hands.

Ninthly, I like the newly carpeted stairs at my apt building.

Tenthly, funerals and memorial services feel so much better when the honored individual is well Eulogized. *sighs*

Eleventhly, I'm very pleased that certain things have turned out for the better *stress quickly evaporating*.

Twelfthly, I still have like a zillion things to do before the end of this month. ARRGGH!

Please feel free to comment. I'd rather like that actually.