Another fill-em-out-esque survey thingy

1 Minute ago: I was reading LJ entries
1 Hour ago: I was eating lunch (leftovers from the King&I… yum!)
1 Day ago: I was in class.
1 Week ago: I was working on my essays or something equally productive, really… *rolls eyes*
1 Year ago: I was likely in class.
I Hurt: my ankles… although beats me why they hurt… so whatever
I Love: uh… being a Circle K International Member?
I Hate: worrying.
I Fear: failure? (well not as much as I used to but!)
I Hope: I succeed at the next few little goals for the summer *crosses fingers*
I Feel: happy to have gotten my fall term grades adjusted!
I Hide: from stress?
I Drive: … NOT!
I Miss: SO MANY people… esp. CKIers, Ca3rine, Aliana etc.
I Learned: that the CDs I bought today rock!
I Need: to clean my apartment, it's a disaster area.
I Think: I'm still sleep deprived.