On procrastination and time management

I always think that time management has a lot more to do with priorities than it does with delayed gratification or anything of the sort — this is probably true for me: the amount of personal pampering I neglect because I want to focus on something semi-more productive in another way indicates this pretty well to me.

A few times a year I look over what I've been neglecting or procrastinating, or not focusing on as strongly and how my priorities have changed. Usually this doesn't mean that I'm terribly disappointed though sometimes it gives me renewed vigor in one area or another (recently this has meant that I've read a bit more), or it gives me a reason to stop paying for something or to do something more effective. For example I realized today yet again that I'm not effectively using the webspace that I pay for… but I'm unwilling to let go of my domain name of choice… Maybe someday I'll find a more effective way of using my domain name? I'm entirely unsure. I could build a simple website of some sort but what stops me is my indecisiveness as to what exactly I ought to be doing with it: I have my social media properties and this blog as online identity enough, I think, sometimes. But it is something I'm not yet willing to let go of, whereas I know it's getting to that time of year again when I try to de-clutter my life a bit and rid myself of some objects and things that are simply not all that helpful/useful/happiness-bringing.

I'm feeling a bit less behind these days than I have in weeks past when it comes to my online hobbies. Blogging regularly helps with that. But I'm woefully behind on some just the same: contest entries, surveys, etc. are definitely on the backburner, but that's pretty okay. I have other hobbies that take up my time. And that's something I have perhaps always struggled with: I want to do it all but I have limited time and ability to do it all. So I need to prioritize and make decisions. And I have to on a semi-regular basis admit to myself that I simply cannot be in multiple places at once.

I think having a relationship with a great person to ground me helps (of course so too does petting Kerbal the cat), and I think I'm a lot more relaxed because of these little moments of pleasure. I'm trying my best to give myself at least one weeknight a week on average where I don't plan anything so I can just be at home (or out catching Pokemon, but the weather is turning colder, so more often it'll be at home, I'm sure) and doing the things that I often get so behind on, whether it is my goal of reading 75 books this year, or catching up on the piles and piles of email or something.

As I get older, I'm getting better at saying no to things… but I'm also discovering all sorts of new things with which I want to get involved, or which I would like to try. And really, experiences are a whole lot of what I like about my life rather than physical goods (which are good too but in a very different way).