Food and health… delicious and dangerous

So I keep mulling over the idea of starting up a new blog on the Medium platform instead of continuing this one, and then I just choose to keep writing here partly for comfort's sake. I mean I've written here since January 2004 and it still works.

Today I called in sick to work, which is something I absolutely hate to do, but as my body refused to stomach eating breakfast, it was likely the wisest plan (especially since I'm competing in Corporate Challenge Trivia tomorrow, and have a multitude of other things to do this week in the Kiwanis world, for myself, at work, and for other people and causes I care about). Instead I attempted to go back to sleep (which worked until around 9 am when I tried to eat a granola bar due to being ravenous, my not having eaten much but crackers yesterday). By lunchtime when I ate some scrambled eggs in a tortilla, I was happier as I was SLOWLY eating food again.

This all stems from my eating perhaps too much food? I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps it was food poisoning? Perhaps something simply didn't agree with me? Maybe I had consumed too much dairy on Saturday (everything in moderation, right?) regardless, for whatever reason after a late lunch I was unable to eat anything more for the rest of the day, or really until partway through today. I still have no idea as to the reason. But I'm feeling a whole lot healthier. I've caught up on a few internet things, have read some graphic novels, and basically taken it easy. I did eventually eat (I had cooked on Sunday but couldn't eat more than two bites at that point, so today I made soup of my Sunday creation and ate that for supper. It was pretty decent.

I adore food. I guess I always have to a certain degree. But I'm finding more and more that I cannot consume as much food at my age as I could when I was younger. Likewise I don't want my food too rich, too fancy, or too cheap or greasy. It's hard to find the right medium of portion control in general, much less when I'm trying to keep up my busy life, what with meetings (mostly for volunteer passions!), work, social life, and much more besides.

Having worked at this job since January I've gotten into something of a groove with regards to packing lunches. They're not always the most interesting, but they keep me going throughout my day and that's what matters. Having enough by way of snacks to get through any flagging energy times, or otherwise is pretty important. I've always had an unpredictable appetite, and work is where I'm spending much of my days, so it's often there that I need the snacks the most. Sure I have flextime which means that I do occasionally take longer lunch breaks so as to take advantage of the great array of restaurants in the downtown core, but it's generally more cost effective to pack lunches. And so I do.

Perhaps this is a mundane blog, but it's been many months so it's just good to be writing something just that little bit longer for an online audience again.