The Annual Holiday Wishlist Post

Won't be a traditional one this year, really. Seeing as family have started to post/send their wishlists my way again, I figured it was time to type a bit about mine. And mine is pretty simple. I still have my Amazon wishlist which I try to keep updated with items I find around the internet and Amazon that I might actually rather appreciate, though there's a certain focus on books on that list for somewhat obvious reasons.

But what do I actually wish for right now? The #1 item is a job. I want a fullfilling-ish one, preferably one that will pay my bills. Realistically I will be happier when I start getting more interviews again. I've blogged about this at least once this month — it's a source of stress/worry, but I really do want/need a job. My savings/investments won't last me forever. But more importantly than that I want to move further along my career path toward awesome!

Secondly, having financial resources to worry less about my vacation expenditures come February would be nice. It'll be nice if I have the spare cash to not really worry about the cost of Disney, Universal, and Cirque. Certainly I'll have paid for the cruise by then (that'll happen in the next week or so) but I'll be spending money on hotels and food outside of the cruise itself and that's costly. I'm super excited for ziplines and the Kennedy Space Centre among other things… but the financial worry attached to this vacation is less than ideal. I know I need the vacation and I'm really looking forward to it, however so it's no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Getting a job would help with that (a financial windfall would too, but I'm not going to be fiscally irresponsible and spend on lotto tickets or anything).

My third wish is for other people I care about to have awesome holidays/fewer worries. I want to spoil the folks I care about with time/attention etc. I'm really enjoying this fall/winter as of yet (yes the snow today is pretty crazy when you compare this accumulation to what was there a couple of days ago) but I want to wish others happiness and good vacations (and have these good experiences too but really, that's less important in the grand scheme of things).

So to reiterate, my big wishes are really job related, whereas sure there's always little things on my wishlist but most of them are little rather than big as the one on the employment front. I wouldn't say no to a whole bunch of financial goodness, of course, but the priority is to become gainfully happily employed again and that's something I'm working on these days. So we'll see what the future holds but I'll remain hopeful. And yeah, if you're looking at physical goods to send my direction, my wishlist is probably a good starting point.