I rather dislike dishpan hands…

… and while I don't imagine that anyone really likes them or housework in general, housework and chores in general are a necessary part of living (well, I guess except if you're so exceedingly rich that you choose to spend your money on being waited on hand and foot, but even most rich folks don't choose to expend their money this way… there's a reason why they're rich after all!)… and I'm waiting for folks to show up to a quiet board game night at my apartment to play many great games (I believe that Cards Against Humanity will make an appearance but there are tons of other good ones like Elder Sign [did I mention that I got gifted with the awesome game, Elder Sign, yesterday?!? I'm so very pleased as I've wanted it for quite a while!] and many more to play depending on attendance!

When thinking of housework, I don't often think of just how old some tools are (and how newfangled others are) to accomplish certain tasks. And I use a great straw broom to sweep the floors, a great sturdy Electrolux vacuum to vacuum them, a newfangled Norwex mop to scrub them, and some other great Quirky products to help in these tasks. Likewise washing dishes includes a mix of tools from new to old fashioned. And you know what? Sometimes these products do in fact help or improve on that which has come before, but at other points I just wonder 'what were they thinking?' when they came up with one item or another, whether I'm seeing it in a store or whether I'm attempting to use it (or use it up for that matter). It's really interesting how the product development journey works when it comes to completing chores.

I don't always have complete control over what tools I am using (for example the washer and dryer in my apartment building are pretty much my best choice for laundry but they often leave something to be desired, whether in the time they take to accomplish a task, or the residue left behind from other tenants in the building etc.)… but when I do have the choice it's often an interesting balance between new and old, tried and true and new and improved etc. And it's not always the item that I expect that will win the battle to be the one I'll use most often for household chores!