Oh my goodness SNOW!

So yesterday was… well, as the Edmonton Twitter community likes to call it: snowpocalypse or snowmageddon. Essentially we were given 15-35cm of snow by the end of the day. Which, for Edmonton is a whole lot! Fortunately I didn't have plans to go out in the weather until the evening, at which point I went to my work's Service Awards ceremony with Laury (and he drove very safely, which was more than I can say for all the other drivers on the road… people really need to keep safe stopping distances in mind when following other vehicles when road conditions are THIS horrible!). Service awards were sufficiently amusing — the food from Chop was great, and we played Minute to Win It again this year (and yes, I had to participate, shaking my butt to get little balls to fall out of a facial tissue box… very humorous). Angie won a VERY well-deserved award, and the rest of the service award recipients were recognized very nicely by staff and management. Good venue overall though the weather wasn't really cooperating! (better than that Christmas party in -57 degree weather though… so that's something!)

All day I read tweets and Facebook messages taking two attitudes toward the weather: complaining or warning of the dangers, and celebrating the beauty of all the snow! I rather appreciated the tweets notifying of late busses, closed roads, precautions to take and otherwise. General complaints were less appreciated, though quite understandable, particularly given that some were getting stuck without transport or otherwise. The beauteous comments however were really interesting: many posted photos, and some referenced Narnia or Hoth (those seemed to be the most frequent cultural references… and I might be biased but I prefer the Narnia ones due to the fact that I remember that winter content better than I remember the Star Wars winter scenes).

Anyway… the roads are icy today (though they could be worse), and snow is coming to Southern Alberta now too (and I'm heading south on the weekend with CKI so that ought to be interesting!)… yay!