Just a few last things…

… working on my to-do list before I go. I still need to pack, send off at least one more email… and well… hopefully see my friend Ian who's coming in from out of town today. I am not a fan of the fact that I can't actually check in until just after midnight tonight, but whatever… the airline's rule re: online check in sort of makes sense.

Last night I played Civilization (the Board game) with Laury for the first time ever. It was great! I lost (which made sense given that it was my first time playing!), but I do rather like the game dynamic even if there are SO MANY little fiddly pieces. Perhaps someday I'll be able to play with Dan and Eric (perhaps before Dan moves to Victoria, eh?) rather than just focusing on playing the video game. Regardless, Eric's in England for one conference and Dan and I will be in Europe for DH2012.

Speaking of which DH2012 includes my blogging and tweeting about the conference (likely mainly from the conference accounts), so it's not like I'll lack Internet access on this trip (unlike the last one). And thanks to Google maps I've printed out directions to get me from point A to point B once I arrive in Hamburg.

So here's hoping this trip goes nice and smoothly!