To do list is shrinking, but obviously the largest tasks remain…

… thanks to the joys of procrastination! That and not feeling well rested when I wake up in the mornings. Bed was nice and comfy since I remade it after doing ALL THE LAUNDRY (this is significant as I own a LOT of clothing!). I'm bringing a remarkably small amount of CKI and Kiwanis branded clothing to New Orleans (my tendency to like wearing dresses constantly overruled my desire to be swathed in Kiwanis family logos, gosh knows I own enough of 'em!), and am somewhat packed (or rather the contents of my suitcase are strewn about the room ready to place inside the suitcase). A perk of being a Kiwanian is a desire to be less formal with regards to dress codes (of course my natural dress code is in dresses anyway, so whatever), and the CKI dress codes have gotten a lot less uh… varied and stringent over time.

I'm hoping to do a little bit of shopping while I'm there. There are a few birthdays of friends happening while I'm gone and I'm hoping that New Orleans might live up to hype for finding ever so particular type things for them there. Regardless, my finances are a little less scary (not much less scary but a little) because I know I'll get a pretty decent pay cheque while gone and a good sizable reimbursement for some previous travel expenses too, but that doesn't mean that the temptation to spend money on board game kickstarters isn't still there, or that I haven't suddenly gotten the urge to someday visit some more geeky conventions (yeah yeah, I'm a known convention/conference junkie as it is, thus this is not surprising)… but I am looking forward to seeing a lot of Kiwanis Family friends in the coming week.

This summer does not seem like the kind that includes a lot of sleep however.