Outdoors the sun is shining…

… so what on Earth am I doing inside, you might wonder? Well, catching up still on all the things I have not yet managed to catch up on. This is a frustrating but constant chain of events really. But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the good weather: I did go for a nice walk yesterday and I do have the window open!

Yesterday, indeed I enjoyed a fabulous campfire with Scouts and Kiwanis. It was really a great Kiwanis meeting and I hope to enjoy many more of this nature: they're just plain fun! 🙂 But really the campfire reminded me just how long it has been since I've been camping (you know camping with friends for fun, that kind of camping!) and how much I missed it.

And it also reminded me just how happy I am to not be covered in falling caterpillars like we were in Victoria (though the flying poplar fuzz was pretty annoying itself, at least I didn't have to worry so much when it hit my food as I would have had to had it been those dratted caterpillars!