Dancing again

There are a ton of different topics I'd like to type about right now, but I guess I'll just choose one for this particular posting. And that topic is ballroom dance, specifically the dance I attended on Saturday night. You see it had been well over a year since I had last attended any ballroom dance events at all. And, so the fact that I was available to attend Top Hat and Tails for the first time in years meant that I was going to be brave and buy a ticket to an event where I knew I would be unlikely to know many folks.

And at first the dance was pretty unusual. The LRT construction resulted in my taking a very long detour by foot to simply get to the venue (The Polish Hall) and then once there the only folks I recognized had full tables. Fortunately the table I ended up at was sparsely populated and also near a door (air flow for the win!). The food was okay, though certainly not fantastic given the ticket price for the event (and I'm a mild foodie so yeah…) but the desert (pie!) was pretty good!

And then the dancing. The floor was often too full but I got in a fair amount of dancing early on and ceased feeling like a wallflower once the dancing began… it was good to see a number of familiar faces attend for the dance only portion of the event, and the live band was good too! I'll admit that ballroom dancing is easier with recorded music, but overall I had a great time. I had to change out of my ballroom shoes with about an hour to go (my feet were SOOO sore!) but I stayed until the last waltz, met some new folks and managed to dance with all those I wanted to (though it did take me all evening).

In an ideal world I'd like to do a whole lot more dancing in the coming weeks/months, but I know how this works, and it's not entirely likely, given my schedule… but whatever. I do love the exercise and the social aspects of ballroom dancing. And I'm glad that I'm finally no longer in pain from muscles working in ways that they were totally not used to for quite some time!