Getting ready for another CKI trip (and yet another Red Eye flight)

So tomorrow night I depart once more for the United States. It'll be my 9th CKI LSSP and International Convention. I'm looking forward to it of course (as always), but perhaps not in the same way as I used to. Still it'll be fun and it'll be my first trip to the state of Virginia among other things! As draining as these events are, I also find them energizing particularly as I spend so much time with excellent service minded people.

This week's been an entertaining one:

I got a dental splint (to cut down on my tooth damage due to grinding) which is much easier to deal with than I thought it would be.

I was inducted into my second Kiwanis club (which was inevitable and I was very much looking forward to it). I guess I'm a member of more than two clubs now too but those are my two main clubs so that's nifty.

I took First Aid (yet again) and managed to get 100% on the multiple choice exam and no real criticism on my practicals. The instructor was impressed by me which I thought was pretty neat too.

I watched Lady Gaga's Monster Ball concert HBO special with my mom. Gosh those are some interesting costumes!

I visited Fort Saskatchewan twice, and helped Mom declutter the mess of technology that was around the house — JD made a computer for my parents too (as theirs was broken)!

I was evacuated from an area of a building (as there was a potentially explosive substance there — it really was inert I think and not a hazard, but the campus police still needed to deal with it).

And I guess I did a bunch of other things too. Tomorrow my plan is to pack, watch a movie, do laundry, catch up more on online things (and perhaps get some more paid work done if I'm lucky), and well yeah get to the airport at a reasonable time. We'll see how this goes!