How could a trip like this to Victoria not be fabulous?

Well, Thursday was the last FULL day of classes (yesterday classes ended in early afternoon), and so after class, I met up with Patrick for dinner at one of his favorite Vietnamese restaurants on Fort Street, called Saigon Night. He ordered all of his favorites, so I got to eat a bunch of really great Vietnamese dishes I hadn't yet tried. Definitely good food! In the evening Colette and I met up to watch a movie at the Cinecenta in the SUB at UVic: Of Gods and Men. It was a very thought provoking film, definitely hard to watch at times (we both needed to chat to decompress afterward before bed), and a relatively long one. It's in French predominantly, with English subtitles.

Yesterday was the last day of class, and so we spent the morning in the (superly out of date) computer lab before the wrap up session. Then Dan, Ashley and I went to Rebar for lunch (after stopping by his family's AWESOME house), browsed a bookshop and then went to Beacon Hill Park to walk around. After climbing some rocks, walking paths and whatnot (and watching the peacocks and peahens cross the street), we walked the breakwater at Ogden Point. It was literally a perfect day for this!

Dan dropped Ashley and I off downtown where we thought about going to the museum (thought better of it though), walked through some shops, and admired displays in windows before going once more to Sen Zushi (heck we like the place. It's good food and incredibly delicious fish!) for dinner. Later in the evening Ashley and I met up once more to watch Limitless at Cinecenta. This film was really thought provoking in a completely different way! A more action packed, pseudo (and real-ish) science filled thriller, the film really made one think of perception, illegal (and less illegal) drugs, city life, alcohol, power struggles, the stock market and much much much more. This was definitely a very well crafted film, not to mention the fact that I felt pretty invigorated afterward.

Today, my last day here in Victoria, I ate breakfast, packed and will check out of residence before heading out to see friends and head to the airport. It's really been a great trip (better than last year's in some ways, I think more balanced time-wise), and while I will get home to a zillion things to do what with thesis, school work, RAwork, and prepping for CKI convention in Virginia Beach, I think that the tasks are generally accomplishable!