My first fender bender… on a bike!

Well as you may well know, I don't drive. So it's not entirely unsurprising that my first bent fender is going to be on my new bike… but well… I guess the bike is getting very well broken in!

You see we were returning from a wonderful dinner at Daawat (thanks to a soon to expire Groupon — fortunately I've managed to use all the Groupons I've purchased), when just as I was leaving the high level bridge, near the entrance to the Legislature grounds a young man (well he seemed rather young) talking away on his cell phone, not entirely paying attention to where he was going on his bike, comes out of the Legislature South grounds and while he appears to be attempting to stop his headlong pace biking into me, he certainly did not succeed (he would later explain that he had no rear brakes).

Yes, we collided, and I became very thankful for my helmet, my bike gloves, and the fact that I fell rather safely all things told. His bike tire did bend my fender, sent my tire out of true (JD fixed it as best as he could this evening), and the fall scratched up my gear shifter.

I on the other hand have a painful swollen left big toe with a messed up dirty toenail, a very sore right wrist (yeah, I hurt that which was already causing me pain… great.), some scrapes and lost skin and temporarily I had an imprint of the bike chain on my leg. I had a good long bath this evening, but I imagine I'll still be in a fair amount of pain in the morning.

On the less than awesome side though — I'm not in the mood to get much work done at this stage — the pain is distracting. Tomorrow morning, I guess!

In any case I'm happy that the accident (the first time I've ever collided with anyone on my bike) wasn't any worse. It felt like it was in slow motion, and really, I'm glad that I had managed to nearly stop by the time he plowed into me, so that the fall wasn't any worse.