Bicycles, Wind Gusts, Sushi, oh my!

So I haven't been writing terribly much as of late — my to-do list only grows and grows and who knows how I'll get everything done. That said, life goes swell lately with the noteable exception of my wrists which hate me this morning (among other mornings) due to my having biked last night and they don't much like that. I think I need to buy some biking gloves — preferably ones that are compatible with my wrist tensor bandages (I tried more sturdy wrist guards for all of a week — they made my wrists numb in very disconcerting ways. These are thus the best solution).

Regardless, I did, as noted, buy a bike last week. This week, JD bought a (considerably more high end, fancier, more pricey, light, road) bike so we've been out riding a couple of times. I still want to buy a pannier for my bike rack, but beyond that and bike gloves (and maybe eventually if I find one on sale that I like at some point, a nice light shell etc.) I think I've acquired most of what I would like by way of biking gear. I'm not a terribly good or fast biker, but it is fun.

Yesterday we rode at night. I like the fact that I have lights — they certainly help things a bit. The hard part though was that it's so very windy as of late!! The gusts were pretty unpredictable and uncomfortable/scary for one such as me who hasn't done much biking for quite a number of years. I didn't hate biking, but I definitely prefer not having such gusts! My wrists get all tense from biking (similar I think to the tension I felt back when I drove… only gosh darn more painfully annoying).

Last night I finally made it out to #yegSushi with JD. A tonne of fun, we had perhaps a bit much to eat (though that is totally the usual result of all-you-can-eat sushi, really!). The hijinx of the group was pretty great. I realized yet again how great (NOT!) I can be with names, but whatever. It was a wonderful evening just the same.

If I had one wish at this point it would be for my wrists to get better/stop being as annoying. Of course I have what seems like a zillion of other things to work on too, but that's a start!