Hmmm… it's Shop Local Month!

So this morning Heather and I attended the launch of Shop Local month — which was a good opportunity to check out local businesses, grab a bite to eat (and/or a beverage), and chat with people from these businesses. There was a formal program too, and Heather won a good food box too which is pretty brilliant.

Then we went to the Italian Centre (which is something I had never done before! I think I really enjoy shopping for food at unusual grocery stores etc. that I don't often frequent — the only supermarket I tend to spend time at is the one I work at, after all!). I picked up a nice selection of items I will be unlikely to find elsewhere (or at least at that price!). It made for a good start to my day!

But then when I got home I was feeling ill, so I had to go down for a nap before playing a video game with JD for a bit before getting caught up on internet stuff and working on this pesky reading for class that is just taking ages!

But yes, remember to Shop Local First in November! 🙂