Books, books, books: Mountains of books!

In preparation for Homeless Connect (a twice annual event that endeavors to help the homeless and under-housed in Edmonton providing them all sorts of amenities and services and whatnot) FLIF held a book sorting party this morning/afternoon in Henderson Hall. It was a remarkably efficient use of our time/resources: we sorted hundreds of books into appropriate boxes to be brought to the event (on Sunday) so that people who want them can pick them up. It should be a great experience helping provide people with books!

In addition to sorting all sorts of excellent books, we stumbled across a large number of really intriguing titles… it made for a lot of entertainment overall. Plus, the snacks we had for our snack potluck were great! I am always happy to partake in veggies and cookies and whatnot (I think my favorite was the popcorn with pretzels snacks: messy but yummy). I ate a tonne of carrots — this made a great lunch!