My first YEG Geek Girl Dinner!

So last night I attended my very first YEG Geek Girl Dinner. And boy was I impressed. Not only did 100 Bar + Kitchen provide some absolutely amazing food (I mean it when I say wow!), but the company was most splendid and the networking seemed rather great too. I met some great people, finally talked to some people I've been meaning to meet, and got to learn about some upcoming events in the city! I even won a door prize of geek buttons from making it an even better night!

I love how we're fundraising for good causes, going to try to help people with a hackathon in October, and that there are so many other great events going on in the coming weeks and months. I even learned a bunch more about female geeks in pop culture, media and history. I met a few foodies, talked to some great tech savvy people and was able to share my knowledge of ENTS with some other women.

I think it helped a bit that a few familiar faces were there, but the majority were new to me, and each geeky in his or her own way (yes there are men at these dinners too though the majority are women, as the +1s are generally the men). I totally look forward to being more involved with this group and hope that more awesome women, each geeky in her own way, make it out to these along with some awesome men too! It makes me happier to be in Edmonton when I know of all the great things that people in our community are doing!