Walking, walking and more walking…

The above title is a great description for my day. I walked over 10 miles (well according to Google Maps) which means something like 16+ km. I was essentially running errands, but gosh did I travel some good distance!

Biggest accomplishment (other than walking, since that is self-evident) was buying the majority of my needed texts for the fall. I'm taking three classes: one on management (no reading list yet available), one on post-humanism, and one on graphic novels and comic books. So in otherwords I have a tonne of fun books on my reading lists, and went to buy them at: Greenwoods Bookshoppe, Happy Harbor vol. 1, Audrey's Books (unsuccessful at Audrey's), Chapters.ca, and Amazon.ca. No one place had it all and I had store credit at Greenwoods (a Groupon) and Chapters (gift cards and certificates) so I didn't spend too much — though it sure was a substantial amount. I still have at least one course pack to purchase.

I'm a bit tired and torn: I want to read some of these books! But I ought to get other things done too… so eventually I'll get to be reading… now I just gotta be patient and wait for my other books to arrive.