Daily to-do lists, and Cirque musings!

So, I've developed a few daily to-do items:
-exercise (at least 30 min on the Wii or the equivalent of other activities)
-clean (one full task)
-write (at least one page in my book, hopefully more)
-email/social media (stay on top of)

And since developing this list, I haven't yet failed. Which is a good start (I guess) of getting back into a routine.

In other news Beth and I attended Cirque du Soleil's Alegria last night. What can I say about it: well the lighting was a bit imperfect at times. I cringed a bit at the contortionists (I like them up until a point and then I just cringe). Generally the performance was an awesome Cirque show but it certainly wasn't my favorite. Of the 8 I've seen, I would probably rate it near the bottom, which isn't to say it wasn't great but it's simply not my favorite. Favorite bits included the trampoline parts, the trapeze bits, and the bungee guy. And the clowns were rather good. Well worth seeing.

After a Cirque show, I always want to get into better shape, physically. This might have something to do with the fact that I still exercised today although I was quite sore (I may have overdone it a bit a couple days ago, that and the fact that the smoke has been irritating my eyes and giving me a headache pretty regularly). I do rather want to be more fit. Even if the Wii Fit has me aiming for a weight loss goal, I don't truly want to lose weight, just redistribute some of it into muscle, and become generally more physically fit.