From food to entertainment and quite a bit in between

This has been perhaps the most leisurely week I've had since school has been out. If I didn't wake up with a tense jaw on a semi-regular basis, I would assume that my stress level were actually reduced to zilch. As it is, I think I'm doing rather well!

For one, I've been feeling physically much better for having exercised semi-regularly as well: I've been playing the Wii Fit at least every other day (with Wii Sports as well on occasion). I've also been walking a LOT: no need for public transit when I can walk everywhere! I'm feeling much more energetic and less stressed for having the joy of exercise — as much as I really wish I could do more. I kind of miss using an elliptical machine and have actually been wanting to bike on occasion — I really ought to do something about that too!

But regardless, I've been walking, and been out and about to festivals, to eat, and to spend time with friends. I've been enjoying birthday gift certificates to restaurants (yay for mailing lists!), and I've been seeing movies. Indeed I almost saw Inception twice (I would have but for the fact that Inception was sold out last night). Inception is such a thought-provoking movie! Instead of Inception, I saw Repo: the Genetic Opera, which was pretty interesting: the acting and singing was mediocre, but the visuals were pretty stunning, and the lighting and setting was pretty eye catching too. I also saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the very first time ever (so I think I can somewhat understand the cult following better). I actually rather enjoyed the randomness of Rocky Horror. Certainly it doesn't follow any particular logic that I'm aware of, when it comes to plot, but it somehow works. It's a fun movie anyway!

But yeah, that's been my life this past week. That and awaiting packages to arrive that seem to be refusing to do so. I currently am waiting for at least two packages from Purolator and one from DHL and have a delivery notice for Canada Post sitting here as well. Generally these packages have consisted of my getting spoiled with awesome new toys for my birthday… but some are purchases and contest wins too, so not entirely predictable. I just wish the packages would all show up before I depart for Vancouver on Monday with my brother!