Is it grown up of me to LIKE my job?

… or is it just that my job suits me rather well? Lately I've been remarkably productive with relation to my research work. I mean, sure it's highly linked to my academic career, but whatever — I do get paid after all, and if I were traveling any less, there would be far more weeks of my working full time on it this summer. I do like the pay cheques (they mean I need not really worry about the expenses of a heavy travel schedule as much as I would otherwise) particularly as they make me feel like I'm actually part of the workforce more than just the few hours of the week that I'm at the supermarket.

Today I finished another draft. This time for submission to a conference. And I spoke to another of my fellow research assistants (well we spoke more about the conference we're organizing for this coming school year than we did about our research, but research talk was good too). I feel rather productive! 🙂

But yeah, I like my work. One of these days (probably August) I'll get around to discussing my thesis more closely (after all if all goes as planned, I have less than two years to complete it), but for the moment I feel so much more stress-free just for having accomplished so much in the past few weeks in the research-work-sphere!

Now if only I didn't carry all of my tension in my shoulders, neck and jaw! I know that I must have been grinding my teeth again at least a little recently. Perhaps it's time to go back for a massage, as that does seem to help a lot.