Thoughts on the upcoming trip to Vegas

So I'm going to Vegas this week. And I'm not entirely looking forward to it. I mean, yes, I do go to a tonne of unusual/not necessarily traditional or expected cities for conventions, and sure Vegas does have a certain draw, but I've been there twice since 2007 (2007 and 2009). I may be a bit tired of the whole wandering thing (which isn't stopping me from planning my other trips though), so that might have something to do with it and I may become more excited as time goes on… but still.

I am looking forward to Kiwanis International Convention of course. It's an opportunity to see people I haven't seen in ages (years for some, months for others etc.), it's an opportunity for fun and personal development, and yes it's a chance to represent my club at the House of Delegates and so on. But I don't find any particular issues so controversial that all the politicking will be my cup o' tea either, so I'm a bit ho hum about that. I'm a bit drained when it comes to Kiwanis at the moment — not because I'm not eager or excited or wanting to change things, learn more, develop myself and others etc., but because I've probably bitten off more than I could adequately chew in that department in the past several years (chartering a club and having a district position at the same time as the rest of my life was probably a bit time consuming, not to mention ressource intensive), and the setbacks have been multiple… which doesn't mean I won't plow ahead and continue to work at that which I am working on, but at the same time it does make the whole convention scene a bit less exciting than it was when I attended as a CKIer, when I wasn't in the thick of things.

I do however look forward to meeting new Kiwanians. I want to meet some Kiwanians from the Norden district for example: partially because I didn't make it out to any Kiwanis meetings during my trip to Oslo (or any of my other non-Kiwanis related trips this year, really). I'm looking forward to sessions by Colin Powell, Jay Leno, and Cory Johnson. And heck, Kiwanis International puts on a great show!

But I'm physically drained. I need my 8 hours sleep a night and I damn well know that I don't get it during convention season. This year more than any other, any small sleep deprivation episode has been catching up with me, which is damn annoying. Mentally, I think I'm better off than I've been in years. Physically I'm working at being in better shape than I have been since starting grad school. But I'm no automaton.

I'm not a gambler (though I may play some penny slots like always). I'm not a drinker (I don't drink). And I'm not much for club attendance (though, sure there've been times when I've had a grande ol' time). So I'm really looking forward to the people but not necessarily all the trappings of Vegas. Plus, I have no idea how much internet costs in my hotel room, and I really truly think that it's an expense that I probably should incurr… I'm also behind at things at home — not so horribly behind that I'm not getting stuff done, but behind enough that I'm frustrated.

On the positive note, this may be my summer of Cirque du Soleil. The plan is to see at least a couple Cirque shows while I'm in Vegas (I'm still debating which ones, as I've already seen KA and Zumanity). Perhaps a life goal could be to see all the Cirque shows that interest me? It's an acheivable one I think. I do rather love the shows/entertainment in Vegas.

And I do rather love a lot of the food in Vegas. Sure some of it sucks — but that's true nearly every place. And it's not necessarily cheap. I'll probably wander on my own a bit to find some restaurants that have ALWAYS made me happy in Sin City. Heck if I had to name a sin that I partake in most… it would be gluttony. I do love food!

But yeah that's the plan. If I make it out to do any shopping that wouldn't surprise me much either… I did promise myself to do certain things on my travels, and with relation to souvenirs as I go forward, but buying things willy nilly isn't one of them!