It's now less than a week until I leave…

… and oh my gawsh there are so many things I'm looking forward to doing! I mean just purely seeing J.D. is going to be great, but as I love to travel and Render gave me some brochures, and I've been perusing some websites I'm totally looking forward to seeing the sites too! Kim will be in Oslo for a week as well so I'll have some company during the day which will be great too! I miss her so much — she's one of my bestest friends! And I've never been to Norway, let alone Oslo so that'll be a good adventure! I definitely love Europe (from what I've seen) so there's that appeal too!

But before I get there there are tonnes of stuff to do here too! I have to pack (I started that process today by doing laundry), finish the scholarship app I wanna hand in tomorrow, and well much else besides. I mean I have 5 more shifts at the store, a bunch o' hours of RA work, much online stuff (well evidently!), and a couple (or more) fun things!

On the fun things side of the equation, tomorrow looks to be a busy, productive and fun day! I will go to the Butterdome Craft Sale (which I adore) in the morning, followed by some lectures later and I'll run some errands too (among other things). Saturday I'm going for a walk in the morning (hopefully a long one). Sunday night I'll go see Beauty & the Beast at the Citadel (whyever not?).

And then on the 5th I'm having a Board Games gathering at my apt as a sort of going away shindig before I'm out of the province for 5 weeks. So feel free to come by anytime from 6:30pm onwards. You can bring games and or food if you'd like but that's entirely optional. If you need info or something please contact me.