Long weekend?

It's a long weekend, which would make a difference in my world if a) I had classes on Mondays or Fridays or b) worked on those days. But regardless, it's a good weekend to go home to see my folks (Sunday for Easter), and it's a good weekend for ridiculous amounts of homework.

Still it's been a pretty good week: one in class presentation, lots of homework, some relaxation (Still working on that sleep deficit) and I finally booked my flights for May-June. Not bad for a week!

So yeah, I'll be in Norway for most of May; I'm going to sdh-semi in Montreal(even if I don't get accepted, it'll be a good experience) and DHSI in at UVic. It should be good.

This month though I've a few things to work on: taxes, homework, RA work, scholarship application(s) and generally getting things in better balance. Still life's pretty grand!