Brief post before essay writing (yes I wanna write two papers before I sleep… We'll see how I do!)

So this weekend: rather unproductive in general (this seems to be a trend), but I did get a few minor things accomplished:
1. I made a weekend to-do list. If all goes as planned I'll have accomplished more than half of the immediately urgent important things on the list along with most of the life-balance things that I generally like to do to keep me happy… now that does require all to go as planned, but it shouldn't be TOO TOO difficult once I transcribe some of the interview I did for the interview assignment.
2. I did all my readings for the upcoming week. This SHOULD allow me to get a great deal of the RA work that I somehow didn't find the time for during the Reading Week break. I just need to stay on top of things.
3. I played the Wii Fit Plus consistently, and continued to make personal bests. I also cooked me some simple but relatively tasty meals. Nothing to write home about, really, but still! No complaints. I even ended today's session with a full 100 Jackknife exercises… so I'm betting my abs will dislike me mildly tomorrow, but I think my core strength is improving… and that can't be a bad thing!
4. I read for pleasure. I think I really needed that. I finished the book I bought on a whim on Thursday: 2033: The Future of Misbehavior and really liked it. Scary visions of what the future could look like in 2033 should we choose to go down those paths, but such sweet short fiction. I've always liked future fiction as a genre so this was definitely a good thing.
5. I FINALLY got caught up on ALL my email accounts and other correspondence. Honestly it feels good to be on top of that behemoth again. Something tells me I receive FAR too much email.
6. I got some reasonable sleep. Not huge amounts but as needed.
7. I attempted a mouth guard. No dice. Honestly, even after trying to reshape it for comfort (which does work better) it's no fun to sleep with… my teeth hate me just as much in the morning after that as they do when I grind my teeth. Back to plan B (perhaps the better plan): less stress and more life-balance!
8. I got my powerpoint prepped for HuCon. That's one less thing to worry about.

So much else to get on top of in the upcoming days and weeks. Here's hoping I'll manage A-Okay!