My time is more valuable than this, really it is.

Instead of being productive and actually getting started on my php homework like I was supposed to be doing, I got stuck. Why? Because my wampserver isn't operating properly. It's supposed to open a page at http://localhost (essentially opening its www directory) but it won't open this page. All the problems I can think of don't seem to be causing it — the program seems to be functioning fine, but it won't open pages in IE or Firefox out of the directory that it's supposed to be, and this is more than just frustrating. Particularly because I know that it should work. The best I can think of is that a firewall is blocking it, but this makes no sense given that when I deactivate the firewall completely (and/or change its settings) nothing changes. It still won't open the page properly. I've spent like 2 hours+ wasting my time trying to come up with some kind of solution — after all, I have no interest in coding without a way of determining if I have done something wrong. And this is the program I know how to use, it's just not operating correctly on my computer for whatever reason. Which doesn't make any sense to me, given that the icon claims that it's working fine.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to help me? The help menus, the forum online and my peers don't seem to have any good answers, and honestly I'm wasting far too much time on this.