Relaxing at home aka. recovering from wisdom teeth removal

So for the last several days I've been lazing about at home. For good reason of course: On Friday afternoon I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed (plus a cyst) under general anesthetic. It was the first time I've ever had anesthetic or surgery of any sort so that was kind of novel. The procedure itself went pretty seamlessly it seems. And I was waking up in the recovery room when their sterilizer malfunctioned, spewing toxic fumes into the air. I began coughing of course and was whisked outside into a wheelchair to get out of the really noxious fumes.

Regardless I got home all right and have been recuperating relatively well. My face is mildly swollen, but far better than what I've seen from some other people, and the pain I'm in is also relatively mild, though it's definitely uncomfortable. My tongue keeps playing with my teeth (and the loose threads from stitches) and I'm running low on good ideas for yummy soft foods, but all in all I'm enjoying the respite from the daily stresses of my normal daily life. I've mostly been reading books, watching TV and spending time at home with my parents doing things like walking. I've been trying to get some sleep too with some success (once I figured out that the T3s were keeping me awake rather than making me drowsy as it was warned they would do).

I enjoyed watching the storm from the window — no significant damage to our things etc. which helps, though seeing the size of some of the fallen trees is pretty remarkable.

Anyway, it's been good relaxing and not spending much time online or otherwise occupied with the normal concerns of my daily life. Hopefully I'll be up and about soon enough, and that I'll be able to eat more normal-ish food by my birthday on Friday. It does feel good to spend time with my parents again.