The return of the birthday wish list

Every year I tend to post a listing of things that I wish for for my birthday. Some items are reasonable physical objects, others more intangible. Regardless, partially because people ask for such things, and partially because it becomes a decent record of my headspace I'll do the same here. Don't feel obligated to get me anything of course, but there are things in life I would appreciate. And for the most part I am listing wishes: things I'm unlikely to get for myself, but will definitely appreciate. In no particular order:

Nice Girls Don't Explode (1987) — It's only available on VHS in this area of the world, but I would rather like a DVD copy made. Regardless I rather do want it.

A Wii with a Wii Fit — okay, so I'm normally technologically backward. I'll admit that. But it's high time I have a gaming console, and the Wii is my favorite out there right now. I realize I have a tiny TV, but honestly at this point I don't care. I really want the Wii Fit because I've learned that it is something that I would ACTUALLY use. I love the gym and all but the travel time taken to get to and from the gym (usually walking, so exercise too…) often means I don't go often enough, particularly in the winter time (or times of adverse weather), especially since Jackie and I stopped going together, and this will help me be less couch potato-ish. To put it frankly, I REALLY want this, but have failed to mention it up to this point. Heck I think it would help me this school year a lot. I just can't possibly afford to purchase it right now, given all the known expenses (eg. tuition, summer travel, wisdom teeth removal etc.) in the coming months.

A short stool to rest my feet on while sitting at my computer. About 4-5 inches off the ground I think would be perfect. My feet dangle if I want my chair at the right height to be ergonomically comfortable, which often results in my legs going numb which rather concerns me because it takes a rather long time for them to regain normal sensation. Particularly given the fact that an increase in school work will likely result in more time at the computer, I think I definitely need a such footstool.

Time spent with friends. I feel I often neglect to spend quality time with people who mean a lot to me. I really want to reconnect with people with whom I have lost touch, and have better relationships with those with whom I do spend time. Yes, I realize I don't yet have a cell phone (still looking for the perfect cell phone, though Beth from Florida had one I rather liked) but that shouldn't mean that I shouldn't be social.

That '70s Show Season 8. This is the last remaining season that I have not yet seen. I really want to own it, and complete my collection.

Movies: Quebecois ones, Angels in America, Johnny Depp, Topher Grace or Natalie Portman ones.

Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede. Stories set in the world of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles!

Music: The Fugitives. Band out of Vancouver from whom I'd like to hear more.

True love! 😉 One cannot help but dream, of course!

Great experiences. I love to spend time with friends and others travelling, trying new food, seeing theatre, etc. Honestly, experiences are worth so much to me.

Board Games. While I do have a rather lot of them, my tendancy to have board game nights (and want to have more of them) means that the more excellent ones, the better! Ones that have caught my eye lately include: Bananagrams, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, Thebes, expansions for Munchkin (I have Need for Steed), expansions for Killer Bunnies, etc.

Help with my Kiwanis club. In order to do more service to the community of course, help is always needed. And we're so new to Edmonton that there remains so much to be done… but this is difficult with so few of us.

Hugs. Laughter. An ear to listen. A person to talk to. Someone to walk with. Friendship. Smiles. Moments. Emails. Facebook messages. LJ posts. etc. Sometimes I do not feel well enough connected. Sometimes I get lonely. Sometimes I just want company. I oscillate between being too busy and the opposite. And my outlet for stress tends to be in being somehow active.