Back to Edmonton… and much to do in limited time.

So I'm back home. And looking at 6 more work days (8 consecutive in total) now before heading off again, this time to a dental appointment followed by a trip to Calgary and then my trip to Vegas. I don't even think I have breathing space if I want to get everything done (thank goodness I realize that I am an imperfect being and cannot get everything done).

BC was… well, emotion filled, actually. Tears and laughter, and everything in between. The weather couldn't have been better actually (though it was a BIG shock to the system to come home to snow!). The weekend included seeing cousins I hadn't seen in YEARS, many stories from my father's past (and the pasts of other relatives), meeting relatives I hadn't met before, good food, crazy art work, riding a segway for the first time, walking around Ymir, helping to clean up my grandparents' basement, acquiring an odd assortment of items from said basement (the next board games night will possibly include The Game and/or the MAD Magazine board game among other possibilities), getting gifted with a wedding shower gift (yeah I know, I'm nowhere near getting married… put it this way: my cousin mentioned that they had given up on us girls…), walking tour through Salmo, eating great breakfasts at the Dragonfly Cafe, the mountains, watching my brothers and cousins jump into the frigid river water (off the divingboard no less), watching kids roll down the hill (as we once did), listening to an excellent eulogy, passing the urn, getting to know people better (especially significant others of family members), etc.

So many memories, including the ones we made that weekend. It was as I expected, and more in many ways.

Once I got back to Alberta, I relaxed for a day with TV and Wii. I definitely overdid it with the Wii (as per the usual), and am still a bit sore from that. I kind of wish I had one here, seeing as regardless of the size of my puny TV, it encourages me to be active.

I was having stomach upset issues the night before last. Thank goodness they were essentially gone by morning, though yesterday I was feeling rather run down. I didn't want to TOUCH the computer let alone deal with my email backlog (which I'm sorry to say still isn't caught up on, but I'm getting there).

Instead, Beth and I went and saw Studio Theatre's production of Assassins. I really enjoyed this production, and it gave me a lot to think about. Put me in a good mindset actually — of all things! So I was pretty motivated today to at least tackle some of the internet backlog.

Seeing as I have to get up mighty early tomorrow and have probably a tonne of things to do (including a party to potentially attend tomorrow night depending on whether I'm feeling up to it), I had best get offline shortly… but yeah, I'm back to my Edmonton reality for the time being — at least until next week anyhow.