I realize that I really need to be doing more…

… and limping less.

So earlier this week when I went to visit my friend Olwyn (while I'm not a lamb I did follow Sam home from school…) my knee had already been bugging me a bit. I have no idea why it might have been doing so (though I rubbed it in class as it was in mild pain). Well, that evening, while sitting on their awesome couch, my knee did the let's start hurting for no particular reason thing again, and it's been seriously annoying ever since. Yesterday's shift at work wasn't bad (I was sitting at a computer most of the time) but today's I was resting my weight on the counter and limping most of the time, Now I realize it is no more serious than any other time this type of randomly annoying pain has arrived (it does tend to go away within the week, historically) most likely, however I really hate the fact that it's happening!

In other more positive news, I'm making good progress on the last bits of homework I have left for the school year.

St. Patrick's Day was a day where I basically enjoyed myself (gosh I've been eating out a lot this week, wow!)… going to Shogun for sushi (I was going stir crazy at home), picking up my consignment monies from Vespucci, shoe shopping for new work shoes (I'm not wearing them until my knee starts behaving, no way am I breaking in new shoes and simultaneously dealing with mad pain like this!), MAC cosmetics trying (more sparkles!), and finally seeing Coraline 3D at West Edmonton Mall. It was free as I had enough Scene points (though it'll take me FOREVER to save up again, especially if I keep forgetting I have a darn Scene card!).

Coraline lived up to my expectations. I was thoroughly entertained, and much invigorated afterward… ready for school and whatnot! I liked how the 3D added to the movie… plus the fact that the highly visual media was used to good effect.

The rest of the week's been a blur of busy-ness (spending time with numerous friends [thank goodness], homework, work work, and housework have all been major parts of my days. Now to get some sleep (I'm seriously sleep deprived as of late).

I think my knee pain is interfering with my enjoyment of the good weather. I meen sheesh, I could have walked to school today, but NO… I had to limp about the LRT instead.