8 Things Meme (because homework isn't appropriate when I'm thinking of funerals)

My 8 obsessions…..8 things that I am passionate about…

1. The Kiwanis Family
3. Learning
4. Literature
5. Friendships
6. Good Food
7. Travel
8. Finances

8 words or phrases I use often…

1. Sorry
2. Thank you
3. Interesting
4. Newfangled
5. Well
6. Darling
7. Dear
8. Take care

8 things I want to do before I die…

1. Find 'True Love', or at least a good long lasting romantic partnership
2. Write a well-received book.
3. Circumnavigate the world
4. Have a family of my own — I really do want children.
5. Become financially free
6. Finish my formal education at the university!
7. Continue to try new things
8. Get into great physical shape.

8 things I have learned from my past…

1. Time is fleeting
2. Spending more on a good-quality item is often a better plan than to buy a cheap poor quality one.
3. Living in the moment is crucial
4. Listening to what others are telling you (non-verbal cues as well) is often more useful than you might think.
5. Face to face communication is worth it.
6. There are always more than one way to look at a particular situation.
7. Hugs are invaluable.
8. The Golden Rule is invaluable.

8 places I would love to go or see..
1. Japan
2. More of New York City
3. Australia (and the rest of Australasia)
4. More of the UK
5. Jamaica
6. The Rest of Canada
7. The rest of Europe and Asia
8. The whole wide world!

8 things I currently need or want…
1. A hug. Right now I really really want one.
2. A time turner a la Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
3. At least 15 more members for the Kiwanis club we're building.
4. Less stress/more sleep/better health.
5. The book Commission Free Investing by Cemil (Jim) Otar
6. Je me Souviens 3 CD Boxed set
7. Nice Girls Don't Explode (on DVD)
8. To not have to cook for a while.