Update on the Kiwanis club building…

So there definitely seems to be a number of people interested. The attendance at the second pre-organizational meeting was rather good (and I think we answered a lot more questions). I think that this Tim Hortons is more appropriate for small gatherings than the other one.

I do however REALLY hope that a number of people can make it out on Monday for our first ever meeting! Jim Courtright will be there from Arizona to help us get this club rolling. The meeting's at 7:30pm on Monday September 15th in Heritage Lounge of Athabasca Hall on the University of Alberta Campus.

As for our membership endeavors: the Facebook group includes at least 16 potential members (and growing!) and I'm gathering a good list of people who've attended meetings, events (Alex and I even attended a Kiwanis project already!), and who've emailed or verbally indicated interest.

Now I realize that all who are interested are busy and that regular meetings on the same day of the week would make involvement impossible for many… so I'm very glad that people have been receptive to our changing meeting time/date structure as of yet. We're looking into a messaging system to take care of that down the road… and we have some plans in the works for charter night AND for an eventual web presence (beyond the limitations of Facebook of course!). So this is getting more and more exciting!

Along with our Awesome local Kiwanis club support the goal is getting closer to reality!