Quick Fringe Recap

Unlike last year, where I saw 12 Fringe plays (including 2 holdovers) this year I've only seen 2 Fringe plays (with no current plans for the holdovers but that may change). That said, I do have Fringe Theatre Adventures season tix so I'll have all this Fringe happiness spread out over the course of a whole year. What I did see was excellent however:

Anime: what an epic journey! Complete with light and media use, quick costume changes and a LARGE cast, this show, held at New City was amazingly thought provoking and used most of the tropes of actual Japanese amine: of course it was live action but it worked rather splendidly and the choreography was fun. Gotta love nature vs. technology debates… not to mention the aesthetic appeal of this one. Long but worthwhile, this one used every aspect of New City to it's hilt (pun not intended).

Occupied: Loved this one! Especially Joel Bazin and P.M Pilarski (of course I know them both so I might be slightly biased). The script was excellent and I loved the debate between the absurd and the important, as well as the issues at play and being brought up. Yes indeed there was a woman in the men's public restroom…

And then the outdoor acts:
Apocalypse Kow: which I adore regardless. I bought their CD and it's more amazing acapella. Fabulous! If only their set was longer… *sighs*

Duo Hoops!: I was totally entertained by Becky Hoops. I especially loved when she hula hooped carrying her male partner on stage. I also appreciated the Quebecois slang banter in between moves.

Bob: was okay. His stunts were pretty good but his verbal antics were repetitive.

Vinyl Burns: I'm not a fan. I saw him at the Street Performers Festival and wasn't impressed. This seemed like much of the same.

Foodwise I would say that this year's Fringe wasn't as good as in previous years… I missed the Crepes! Regardless, Funky Pickle/New Asian Village's partnership to make Butter Chicken Pizza was well worth it. Yum!