A Meme with a Search Engine

And I'm going to use GoodSearch rather than Google, as much as Cassandra used Google. Why? Because GoodSearch (http://www.goodsearch.com) benefits the organization of your choice. Yes, that's right you can donate money to charity simply by useing GoodSearch! I GoodSearch for Circle K International — and all of the proceeds go to the 6 Cents Initiative (which is a partnership with UNICEF wherein CKI is aiming to raise money to save lives by providing oral rehydration salts, and safe water sources through infrastructure, pumps etc. This is where CKI has decided that this money is going currently! Isn't this excellent? Use a search engine and save lives?)
Anyhow… here's the meme:

1: Type in [your name] needs in the search
Ali's needs would be largely met if everyone gave

2: Type in [your name] looks like in Google search:
Ali looks like she takes care of her body

3: Type in [your name] does in Google search:
That's what Ali does – when he's excited about something he gets you on board

4: Type in [your name] hates in Google search:
Ali hates everybody!

5: Type in [your name] goes or ..has gone in Google search:
Ali: Goes the Distance, but the Viewer Loses.
Ali has gone out and tried to knock Foreman out immediately

6: Type in [your name] loves in Google search:
ali loves you, too

7: Type in [your name] eats in Google search:
Ali Eats.

8: Type in [your name] has in Google search:
ALI has a membership consisting of judges, practicing lawyers,

9: Type in[your name] works in Google search
Ali works mainly with Nars, Stila, Clinique

10: Type in[your name] lives in Google search
hey called his cousin Amar because he lives one block away from where Ali lives.

11: Type in [your name] died in Google search
Ali died on the 2nd of August 1849

12: Type in [your name] will in Google search
Ali will be speaking at a press conference being held in London on Friday 27th

13:Type in[your name] can in google search
Ali can send personal greetings to the boxing great on his 65th birthday next week

14:Type in [your name] can't in google search
Ali can't remember the song she just wrote.