The Semester's Over… time to celebrate… :)

So I finished my last exam of the semester this morning. Relatively simple, a bit of review last night and this morning and I was ready. I guess I'm kind of sad to be done my BA… especially now that the last exam is done and over with. I think I ought to remember to apply to Open Studies soonish. Not that (if my last admissions acceptance is any indication) they'll even consider my application until my degree is in my hands… *sighs*

So to celebrate being done my degree, I went to Greenwoods' Volume II Books before it closes on the 26th. That's right folks, if you want to buy books at steep discount go before it's gone on the 26th! (It's closed on Sunday the 20th for inventory before it closes for good!) I got 4 books (was debating some others but these were ones I just HAD to have, others I can borrow or get second hand or at libraries): Persepolis 2 by Marjane Satrapi (I had just written my exam on Persepolis, so why not get the second book? I still want to read them in their original French however), Gail Sidonie Sobat's Gravity Journal (which was just published and launches in Edmonton on May 8th… Gail Sidonie Sobat is an AWESOME woman and great writer…), From Mushkegowuk to New Orleans: A Mixed Blood Highway by Joseph Boyden (the text from the inaugural Henry Kreisel Lecture at the UofA from last year — I was there and LOVED that lecture, so pleased am I to finally have the text!), and finally The Anansi Reader (an anthology of the 40 years of Anansi press, with excerpts and full poems and stories from many of my fave Canadian writers, plus some others that I'm not familiar with). Sure that was a great joy picking up these books! Of course many books (AMAZING ONES) that I already own are for great sale at the bookstore, so don't forget to check it out!

Then to Happy Harbour Comics where I checked out the small press/chapbooks/zines scene but didn't buy anything except for Munchkin (which I'd been wanting for quite a while now)… I think this'll make Board Games night next week extra fun!

And then I got some sushi at Shogun before heading to the computer… *smiles* I'm just so content now! Now if only I could figure out why my tooth likes hurting (dentist's appointment Monday morning) life'll be even more amazing!