Christmas recap

Anywho… I'm back in town and busy as ever — Christmas included the gift wrap (yay!) lots of shifts at work, and well… going home for the holidays.
I went shopping on (gasp!) the 24th of December with my brother (picked up a couple last minute items, although realistically I'd already done my shopping), before playing my other brother's Guitar Hero 3 for quite some time (totally fun though I suck at it all things told!).
Christmas morning was lazy — we didn't open presents until everyone was home — which was in the evening. I did however get to watch Spiderman 2 finally (with little Seth on my lap — yay for nephews!) and saw Hairspray that night after present opening fun. Sure I didn't get much by way of material things, but who cares, it was a great time spending time with my family, eating together and losing Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? DVD game.
And yes, indeed I did get spoiled — spending time with people was tops on my list! Plus I got Gilmore Girls season 7, a new wallet (which I have yet to transfer stuff into), a new stereo system (new to me!) that works (yay!), some money and gift certificates, a stuffed animal, candy canes, and an excellent CD (songs from Across the Universe). Indeedy I feel spoiled.

Now back to your regular programming — oh and there's New Year's coming up. Whatever shall I do?