Brief update from a very busy girl

I caught the local visions part of the Global Visions Film Festival on Sunday — while I liked half of the films the other half was either too antagonistic or jarringly loud to satisfy my sensibilities.

Fait Accomplit was sent to print. The Release party is on Friday November 16th from 7:30pm-10pm at Dewey's on UofA campus. Please attend and be dazzled by the artistic skills of poets, photographers and writers. There will be readings (including me!) and a great time had by all!

Gary Geddes was on campus to read from his new book: Falsework, which meant that I bought even more reading material. I'm a sucker for awesome books signed by the writers… mind you, when it comes to poetry and Canadian Literature, every book sale counts.

Work and school are going well. Ali is too busy, but what else is new?