Carla Carla everywhere… and more Fringe updates!

Audit at work is over! *utters big sigh of relief and smiles genuinely*

So I keep noticing Carlas at various Fringe events. How many plays have I gone to and NOT run into a Carla?: 1
How many plays have I gone to and not run into two Carlas?: 4
How many plays have I seen?: 7
How many do I still plan on seeing?: 2
New Reviews:

The Medicine Show
Another show starring Prairie Fire, this time along side a Quack Doctor/Magician. Caberlesque was a better showcase of Prairie Fire's talents, although this does indicate yet again that she can act (and dance and…). The Magic was not terribly unique or amazing, but entertaining nonetheless. I liked the humour in it. (3 stars)

Waiting for Grimm
Incredibly humourous, very amazing and some fabulous fairy tale commentary too — what more could I want? Not only did it cover some of my favorite fairytales and some of the theorists' approaches to their study (no, really! This did!) but the whole thing was very smartly executed. I was incredibly impressed and while it wasn't perhaps nearly as rip roaring stitch in the side funny as Cyranose, or as smoothly executed as Caberlesque, it was definitely one of my favorites of this year's festival. (4.5 stars)

The Fire Fundraiser was also quite fabulous!

In other news, on the board game Facebook Group front, I've organized an event for Tuesday night if anyone's interested.