More Fringing! :)

So who would have thought I'd spend time with TWO Carlas all in the span of one Monday evening?

Yesterday's Fringe adventures (after a day of work battling with a hole punch with battle scars to show from it… although I did win!) included well… not only seeing Matthew in one of the most fabulous jackets complete with gold braid… and some fabulous dancers and fire breathers… and Carla's sparkling dress… and the other Carla's hair pulling surprise (woo!)… but two rather awesome productions:

The third Cabaret-type show that I've seen this summer, and certainly a great one! The music, the dancing, the sex-appeal… rather great entertainment if I say so myself (and I do!). Truly an excellent production!! I truly recommend it to anyone who isn't too prudish to enjoy it. (5 stars)

Passion, A musical
What can I say, I like musicals! 🙂 This one was great if only for the absolutely splendid voices… The male lead was also truly good in general (and such a voice!). The acting was somewhat strained at times, but that could easily be made up for by the vocals and costumes. And of course the fact that a former classmate was in the production helped (and the fact that we somehow managed to obtain free tix was great too!). (4 stars)

I'm exhausted though… partially because of the audit prep at work and partially because of the crazy awesome Fringing! 🙂 I do however recommend these shows!