The Deathly Hallows…

So last night after work (around 5:30ish) I finally opened the newest (and last) Harry Potter book. It was finished by 4:15am. Certainly I did take breaks to eat and check email and whatnot, but it was pretty much solid reading other than that.

I rather loved the book, as I loved the others. Predictable? Yes. But its use of Fantasy and fairytale motifs was worthwhile, as was the commentary on politics and society. I truly found the similarities between this and Hitler's rise to power fabulously well done. Even more evident after watching the 5th movie, really.

And so now I am incredibly pleased. But I want to own a boxed set of hardcover books, with the original covers (not the adult ones) Canadian or British versions, sooner rather than later. *sighs* such great comfort lit! 🙂

And yes, I'm reading a bit of fantasy as of late again… I perused a new book of Valdemar stories the two nights previous to finally reading Harry Potter.