Working on the weekend (and yet somehow it's still a weekend, so I'm still out having fun!)

My stomach is still pleased from the wonderful dinner I had with Jackie and Brooke at Padamanadi (I hope that's spelled right)… it's been a busy but full weekend though… enjoyable overall, even with working every day (I work most weekends… this is a fact that rarely escapes my notice, whether good or bad).

Friday was also filling: I went out for lunch with my mom to Kyoto and caught up while eating some awesome sushi. We also went for a most excellent walk around downtown… One of the best things about spring is that the weather invites good walks. The walk was short this time (a downside) but given time constraints it was good.

Saturday I saw the Lego exhibit (and many other science-y fun exhibits) with Erik at the Telus World of Science (which I still think of as the Space and Science Center… the logo for the Odyssium also still present in some exhibits). I rather liked getting face to face with the fish… and I think my attention span wasn't as good as it normally is with relation to the experiments. Too many distractions perhaps? *shrugs* Watching the guy from NALUG work at building the scale model of one of the Great Pyramids from Giza was fun though, as was racing our Lego cars. I wish I had a camera to capture us both in the lego mummy thing (where you can insert your head and look as if you're part of the exhibit) or the astronaut thing (in the other exhibit). Lego is very impressive… some of the other exhibits aren't as good as I remembered them being from my (comparative) youth… I missed the Challenger Mission thing they used to have when I was little — that was fun. The Lego robots that you can program to do stuff were also interesting looking, but we didn't get the chance to play with them. Lunar lander also reminded me of just how bad I am at that game. After the Lego thing, we went for a walk in the park outside, and also enjoyed the weather (another short walk… one of these days I need to go for a walk of significant length).

And then today… after work this time I walked down Jasper to catch a bus and then walk to Padamanadi to meet up with Jackie and Brooke. It feels great for it to still be daylight late into the day, nice to not run into too many questionable characters on the walk through Chinatown! 🙂 [I actually saw/smelled more of them during my shift at work today]… good food, good company… and so on.

Also, it's chicken week at work so I get to dress as a farmer/cowboy (or whatever) these days… yay for wearing jeans at work! 🙂