Unusual things I did this week (well, unusual for me!)

a) went to a bar (well, it was Stolli's for Jackie's hair show, but it was still a bar).

b) drank a cola beverage (I rather dislike cola flavour) c) drank a diet pop (I tend to avoid diet pop) d) caught a flying can of diet pop (I am not the best at catching flying objects) (all the same incident, I was losing my voice due to lack of sleep/borderline getting sick [thank goodness I've nipped that in the bud or so it seems] but it did help the throat [as counterintuitive as that seems] and I did manage to make it through my shift at work that day.

e) I saw uh… 4:30-6am in the morning… crossing the high level bridge in the dark — peaceful!

f) I napped on the couch — and NOT by accident!

g) I hoped that my paper deadline would be extended (it has been).

Well… it seems it's that time again, crunch time for school stuff. And yet as much as it's a time of the year when I do things I don't always expect to do, it's always stuff that happens during the crunch time… like I crave reading novels when it's studying season [non-course related novels!].