Adventures in Ali's world! :)

So apparently the last few weeks have been filled with adventures. This past weekend is certainly a great example!
Friday and Saturday were CKI DCON. Perhaps it was the most informal, and least convention-like District Convention I've had the pleasure to attend, but I did have a great time (and how else can green paint in my hair be a good accessory to my purple dress??)! I met Ian at the bus station around noon, and took him to Tim Hortons for lunch before heading off to the Royal Alberta Museum for the afternoon. I hadn't actually seen the new Wild Alberta gallery yet so it was great to see the dioramas after the huge renovation. The rest of the galleries were a lot of fun (as per the usual). Ian seemed to really enjoy himself, especially in the Aboriginal gallery, since he was rather familiar with the majority of the historical quotes.

After we somehow found the NON-LABELED room that Mike rented (yep he chose the room that wasn't on the map and wasn't labeled for the meeting), the evening with the CKI-Kiwanis meeting was great! I talked too much again, however I think that the group accomplished a great deal. I guess I'm starting to really see it: that I will be a Kiwanian in a few year's time.

Saturday morning was entertaining to say the least — Sheena and I took the bus down to the Bissell South store for the service project where we painted the employee kitchen and two washrooms a good primary green colour. I don't even know how I managed to get paint in my hair again since I was always either on a ladder OR perched on the top of the employee lockers — unfortunately I was also the culprit who dripped paint on others' hair. *sighs* The clean up was an adventure also… we seem to be having this wonderful trend of 'expect the unexpected at this convention' since breathing issues were ultimately an issue for many during the cleaning process. We also ate some fabulous Indian buffet food for lunch after deciding against soup and bread.

The banquet was also highly entertaining and unexpected: The food was the typical Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel fare (good stuff of course, and buffet style so we all overate). Attendance was low-ish but good all things considered. We also had a new-old board meeting with everyone present… of course that is after a fire alarm — including evacuation and staff not knowing what was wrong — interrupted the proceedings. Sheena put on an amazing LSSP presentation (including Mike's not knowing how to read his script very well!), and the raffle with prizes was fun — none of the joke names being drawn (they're so unlucky!). I gave my chance to win prizes to other members since I've won far too much over the years. The annual boys vs. girls pictionary game was also a great tradition — watching people draw clues such as powerpoint presentation, international board, robot chicken and V for Vendetta is just plain amusing — afterall I wrote the clues relating them to events from those two days (including conversations).

Sunday was mine to catch up on the internet. This was of course followed by work — supposedly my official training shift for the customer service desk. That said, my trainer didn't show up so it was highly entertaining. Fortunately I knew the majority of my job already so was able to run the service desk with minor pointers and such to help, but it was still odd! In addition, for the second day running I ate too much — I think this comes with having bought too much food followed by free fruit in the breakroom. I ADORE pineapple and so ate so many pineapple slices and strawberry pieces that my mouth felt it. As did my stomach. *shrugs*