Wind and work and reading…

I finished reading (re-reading? I recognized the ending, but not a bunch of other episodes) The Wind in the Willows for class this week… and truly enjoyed it (although I was tired enough after work to fall asleep a couple of times during my readings).

Work's picked up crazily (well for me really) lots of technical stuff to get accomplished (ESPECIALLY TODAY!) in the Health and Safety sphere. I'm excited but nervous… *shrugs*

I've actually cracked open Season 6 of Gilmore Girls finally… and have started watching. Lots of fun stuff… and it feels great. I think that Gilmore Girls is my comfort TV viewing. I like to watch it especially when I'm in a low-mind-set.

I'm surrounding myself with more and more positive influences these days. This feels great!

Also A ZILLION thanks to Jackie for showing me Say Anything! I loved the movie!!! 🙂

And I'm not as tired as I thought I would be with as little sleep as I've sometimes been having.