Come to my gathering on Dec 29th!

Just the habitual reminder that I'm having people over on Friday (the 29th) starting at 5pmish.

Currently I know that at least two people asides from myself will be attending, so really, the more the merrier. I really do want to see you!! And please if you haven't already, let me know if you're coming — if only to let me feel less lonely — or to let me know that the internet works! 😉 Whichever reason's fine with me! 🙂

As I said before there will be an optional White Elephant Gift Exchange (see my previous post for more info on that one), and I'll have some snacks and many beverages (mostly non-alcoholic, as at most of my gatherings although I do still have a bottle of white wine sitting around here, and people are free to bring additional items of course). Bringing food is also optional, but always welcomed.

And if you don't have my address — ask! 🙂